These comic pages are not part of any chapter

Chapter 1 - Normal and Well-Adjusted

Frg gets into a fight over a girl, and recruits himself to win.

Chapter 2 - A Mash of Monsters

It's Halloween! Monsters start showing up, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

Chapter 3 - Real Villains

In which we finally meet some real villains.

Chapter 4 - Hairy Circumstances

Rayon really should've left that angry mob alone.

Chapter 5 - Snowbot

A technological showdown!

Chapter 6 - The Spring Fair

This chapter is not about the Spring Fair.

Chapter 9 - Frg and Harret's Radical Space Adventure

A bunch of tomfoolery happens in an alien club.

Chapter 10 - Arach's Army

Lord Arach is recruiting a lot of talented fighters... but why?


Two rowdy bois switch lives, and shenanigans ensue.

Chapter 12 - Return to Sender

The main crew gathers to discuss a turn of events.

Chapter 14 - Something Stupid This Way Comes

Some things finally get explained? Maybe? Lol

Out From Fabhrach

Terk is an adventurer... or at least, he thinks so. He doesn't actually remember anything. Terk teams up with a fox named Noel, who tries to help him return home.

Chapter 15 - The Last Chapter

I hope this is the last one, or things are gonna get awkward quick.